What do we believe?

Our business principles are derived from the Bible. We believe God created the heavens and the earth (Psalm 24:1) and He is in control; therefore the direction of our business is in God’s hands. God calls us to be diligent in our work (Colossians 3:23), which is why we work hard to make sure every customer gets the best coffee experience we are able to provide.

“Put on strength….. Awake! Awake!” (Isaiah 51:9-17) For many people, coffee is an important factor in how they perform at work or school throughout the day. God provides this extra energy from the coffee bean that is then ground and brewed into the delicious beverage we call coffee!

Why choose Fotofino Coffee?

We are very picky about the ingredients we use for our coffee which is why we make our syrups at the shop! In addition to the homemade syrups, we make sure to choose coffee beans that are quality roasted for a smooth, balanced, delicious taste.

At Fotofino Coffee we are more than happy to provide coffee that’s made expertly by our certified barista for coffee that’s fresh and rich in flavor.